Sunday, July 15, 2012

12 Months with Kassidy

This time last year, I went from being a very large woman without a baby to a still semi-large woman with a baby. Oh, and a tornado. Yes, the night I had Kassidy a little twister visited our ranch.

But on to more important things. My baby is one! And the blanket she is sitting on in her 12-month picture was made by my mom just for Kassidy. It is made of some of my old dresses from when I was a baby. Pause for "ahhhs" now.

And she is such a little toot. Literally, on the day of her birthday, she decided to not only say her first word, but add three more to her vocabulary. And what I count as her first word is exact repetition of what Mommy or Daddy says and being able to identify with that word, because if I counted any babbling from my child, she would have been "talking" at two months.

So, she now continues to pull bows out of her hair and say "bow," grab a book off her shelf and say "book," finally refer to Massey as "puppy," throw a ball to Massey and say "ball," point out any duck and say "duck," and say "boo" when she hides behind a blanket and tries to scare you. Tries is the key word here. And over the last few days, she's learned "cat" for our kitties.

So, we have a talker on our hands. And a dancer. And a diver.

Yes, a diver. She's still not quite walking on her own yet. She can stand by herself and has been able to take up to about eight steps to get from one piece of furniture to the next all on her own, but she still looks like a little wobbly drunk. And she's learned that if she tries to walk from Mommy to Daddy that she can dive head first and we will catch her. So, walking is apparently a game to her. A very fun game that involves lots of diving and lots of happy screaming.

In less than a week, Drew Kennedy will be at our place for BFE, and Kassidy is beyond excited to show him her moves. She loves dancing to his music, and I'm thinking she is going to try to "help" him play guitar. I think he will be impressed. As long as she doesn't try to eat his guitar.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Kassidy Reese | 1 Year Photo Shoot

So I know I'm behind in posting pictures and updates on a lot of things, but here's some pictures of Miss Kassidy on her first birthday to tide you all over. I took these this past weekend in Franklin early in the morning. And my child was starving, so this was about all I could capture before we had to call it quits and head to the Burger Bar for breakfast.

And just for the record, I tried my hardest to keep some dang shoes on this child's feet, but she's a country girl, and she prefers to go barefoot.

Now in addition to Baby Walking Boot Camp, we are having Baby Shoe-Wearing Boot Camp.

I have learned a very important lesson for my next kid. Put shoes on them when they don't have the motor skills or attitude to take them off.

I can only blame myself on this one.