Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cats are yummy

Sometimes Kassidy gets super excited about snuggling with her cat.

So she buries her head in Cricket and grabs at her ears.

And then she tries to eat her. Or lick her. Or whatever makes her happy.

And Cricket just lays there and takes it.

Note: No cats were harmed in the taking of these photos.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When donkeys get bored

They do this.

Leon and Boone are the worst. We'll find half-eaten feed pans spread all over the pasture. I think they chase each other with the pans in their mouths.

Silly donkeys, feed pans hold food. They aren't food.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kassidy Reese | 6 Month Photo Shoot

I took advantage of the mediocre weather yesterday and snapped some pictures of Kassidy on her half birthday.

It was overcast but an abnormal 62 degrees outside — in January. Which allowed me to strip my little baby down into almost her birthday suit.

I also set my camera to manual for the first time. If you're a professional photographer, don't laugh at me. If you're not a professional photographer, be kinda impressed. It made me nervous, especially since babies can be smiling one minute and in tears the next, but I'm very happy with how these turned out.

And Daddy did a great job singing to her and getting her to smile and make funny faces. He is a wonderful assistant. And free. Thank goodness. Oh, and Massey helped some too.

All in all, I think these capture Kassidy's personality pretty dang well. A little toot. A curious little toot.

Friday, January 6, 2012

6 Months with Kassidy

I'm sure you can look at the picture below and figure out Kassidy's newest trick.

Apparently she didn't want to enter 2012 without being able to sit up, so about three days before, she just decided she was done being a baby.

And it is fine by me if she stays at this stage for a while because I'm not ready to baby proof the house, and Massey is definitely not ready to have a sqealing baby crawling after her.

Besides eating anything we put in front of her, from prunes to pumpkin to squash to sweet potatoes, Kassidy is all about her jumparoo, her Mommy and Daddy, and her little fuzzy farm.

I only bought her two gifts for Christmas because her favorite thing to do is reach out her arms and pet Massey. Or the cats. Or the goats. Or the donkeys. You get the idea.

But no matter what, I can always make her smile and laugh when I sing to her, especially one of the greatest songs ever sung. By The Three Amigos. About a little buttercup.

Yes, that is our song. And she loves it. Even when I sing the words wrong.

And Brady can pretty much sing anything to her and she lights up.

Tough crowd I know.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't ever call a girl fat

Even if she does this.

And then we end up having to pull up all the tile, cut out the rotten floor boards, replace the ruined insulation, and patch the hole in the bottom of the trailer.

Patch a hole you say? Yes, with duck tape.

The joy of living in a trailer house. When you fall through the floor, there is actually about two to three feet of empty space between you and the dirt.

And the hole in the plastic is caused by only one thing.

Cats. Yes, cats.

You think that's funny? Try waking up in the middle of the night to one of your outside cats jumping on your bed and staring at you in the dark. Not funny.

How did it get there? It crawled through the hole in the plastic, through the missing insulation and the rotten floor boards and the not-yet-replaced tile, and then decided to scare the crap out of you.

And that's the story of how I woke up to a cat on my stomach staring at me.