Monday, January 9, 2012

Kassidy Reese | 6 Month Photo Shoot

I took advantage of the mediocre weather yesterday and snapped some pictures of Kassidy on her half birthday.

It was overcast but an abnormal 62 degrees outside — in January. Which allowed me to strip my little baby down into almost her birthday suit.

I also set my camera to manual for the first time. If you're a professional photographer, don't laugh at me. If you're not a professional photographer, be kinda impressed. It made me nervous, especially since babies can be smiling one minute and in tears the next, but I'm very happy with how these turned out.

And Daddy did a great job singing to her and getting her to smile and make funny faces. He is a wonderful assistant. And free. Thank goodness. Oh, and Massey helped some too.

All in all, I think these capture Kassidy's personality pretty dang well. A little toot. A curious little toot.

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  1. You'd be surprised by how many people own DSLRs and don't even know where the manual functions are. Cute photos, though! :D