Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Ku-Tip: My cat thinks she's a dog

Goose thinks she's a dog.

When Massey rides in the back of the truck, Goose does too.

When Massey herds our goats, Goose is right behind her.

If Massey is our Head of Ranch Security, then Goose is her Drover.

Poor Goose. I don't think anyone has ever told her she's just a cat. And, yes, I named my cat Goose.

Ku-Tip: Cats make awesome dogs. Or sidekicks to dogs. Or whatever use you can find for them. Gopher-eaters. Yep, cats make awesome gopher-eaters.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Know You're An Aggie If...

...your bed wears maroon.

Thank you Mom and Grandma for my Fightin' Texas Aggie quilt. Whoop! Mom, even though it took you seven years since I graduated from college, you're still awesome.

And, this helps me to not feel so guilty about buying all those unnecessary T-shirts as a college student.

Whoop for buying 200 T-shirts. And whoop for spending my rent and grocery money on them. And whoop for my bed getting to wear those T-shirts years later.

It. was. so. worth. it.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Ku-Tip: Practice makes perfect

In three short months, Baby K will be here! Which means we need to get in all the practice we can now.

Like, how to hold a baby. How to feed it. How to change it. How to make it sleep through the night (I wish).

Or, how to swaddle it with a sweatshirt. See picture below.

And, we can't forget that all babies should be placed on their backs to sleep, as demonstrated by Cricket below.

We've been trying really hard to make sure we practice every day. And Cricket is always sitting on the back porch waiting for us. Apparently, she doesn't mind helping.

Ku-Tip: Cats make good practice babies. Actually, they're even easier than babies, because when you're done with them, you can just throw them back outside. You can't do that with babies.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There is one thing I like about Uncle Sam

I cannot wait until you get to come home with me. I promise I will love you forever.
And that is when he puts money back into my wallet. Or my bank account. Since I don't actually carry a wallet because maternity leggings don't have pockets. Duh.

So, what is the first thing I am going to run out and buy? And, no, it's not a scoon.

A new laptop. But that's all I'm limiting myself to spend money on. The rest will be saved for Baby K. I've heard diapers are expensive. And now that gas has gone up, the cost to deliver the diapers to the store has increased.

So, maybe I'm not really ahead. Maybe, Uncle Sam is just giving me money back that I should have never let him take. And, now I will have to use it to pay for the same things in life that didn't cost this much a year ago. Or even six months ago.

Thank you Uncle Sam. I think.

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