Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Ku-Tip: My cat thinks she's a dog

Goose thinks she's a dog.

When Massey rides in the back of the truck, Goose does too.

When Massey herds our goats, Goose is right behind her.

If Massey is our Head of Ranch Security, then Goose is her Drover.

Poor Goose. I don't think anyone has ever told her she's just a cat. And, yes, I named my cat Goose.

Ku-Tip: Cats make awesome dogs. Or sidekicks to dogs. Or whatever use you can find for them. Gopher-eaters. Yep, cats make awesome gopher-eaters.

84 words.


  1. We, up until recently, had a cat who didn't know he was a cat. He hung out with the goats and cows all day, would go on walks through the property with us, and would wrestle with our dog. It was pretty dang funny! Glad to see he wasn't totally crazy and that there are other cats out there like him! ;-)

  2. Kristen, your animals and my animals should get together to see who is crazier! We call all our cats "catdogs" just to be funny. Except for Cricket..she thinks she's a "cathuman!"