Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If you ain't first, you're last

While my sister is skinny, I'm getting larger by the day.
Or at least second. Or in my case, fourth. Right behind my two sister-in-laws and my sister.

But, being the last to produce a kid on both sides of the family has its advantages.
  • I can practice on theirs and do the opposite with my own.
  • My sister can show me everything I actually need to register for. And everything I don't.
  • Free maternity and baby hand-me-downs save me money.
  • I can teach my nieces and nephews bad habits and it doesn't really affect me.
  • I totally learn what not to do.
  • I am owed tons and tons of free babysitting services that I plan to cash in on.
  • I have more time to save up for daycare and diapers.
  • The baby excitement has calmed down, which means less pressure in all things kid related.
But, with all the good things about being the last to reproduce, there are two obvious not-so-good things.

While everyone is trimmed down and skinny, I'm nice and round. And swollen. And puffy.

And, payback is always a bitch.

174 words.


  1. Even though you are getting rounder...baby number 2 reeked havic on my skin and stretched it all to hell...no stretch marks, just loose...eek I miss the good ole days

  2. I'm the second to have a kid in a family of FIVE CHILDREN. How the hell does that happen? In any case, it's my MIL's first grand baby, and after this weekend, I have a total of 5 baby showers to attend.

    The nursery is still not painted, the crib is not assembled, nothing is organized or put together. And yet, I'm really not all that worried about it! (Not that I should be, right?)

  3. Kendra, remember the good ole days of college when all you had to do was waste time flirting in between classes? haha will always remember when you said that!

    Joanna, yep, you still have it bad...only the second? Poor thing! Well, enjoy all five of your baby showers and just think about all the goodies you'll bring home!

  4. Oh Jenna... how I love you!!!! Can't wait for the baby shower fun cause I actually get to see everyone. If you ever have time, we need to try for lunch before the baby comes. Miss ya my dear friend!