Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Ku-Tip: How you know you're officially old

This is how Brady and I feel when we watch Wheel of Fortune.
I think we're pretty good lookin'.

And, no, it's not because I need to be in bed by 10 p.m. Or don't like to go out on a work night.

It's not because I've traded vacations and spontaneity for daycare and routine.

It's not even because I've learned how to do my own taxes. Or manage my finances and take out home loans.

No, the reason I know that I've officially become old is because I make sure I am home every day in time to watch Wheel of Fortune. And, Brady and I sit on the couch together and competitively yell out guesses to the puzzles. And get mad at each other when we're not the one to guess the puzzle first.

Yep, once you start planning your evening around Wheel of Fortune, you've officially left your youth behind. Forever.

It starts at 6:30 if any of you are wondering. NBC. You're welcome.

148 words.


  1. not to rain on your parade, but it is CBS...and don't ask me how I know that...

    I guess you can tell who doesn't have cable!

  2. Welcome to the world of parenthood and oldness! Ha ha. Kit & I DVR it and watch it together and do the same thing!

  3. Jenna! This is another one of the many reasons I love you. We watch wheel of Fortune every night too:)

  4. I swear it's NBC. Cause at 6:30 on CBS at our house it's According to Jim!