Thursday, May 19, 2011

Advice from a Whataburger cashier

Well, I should have listened. It's definitely true. The minute you get pregnant, everybody, and I mean everybody, feels it's his or her duty to offer you advice.

Some of it is helpful. Thank you Jessica. I will no longer drown my food in salt. I do not want to gain 100 pounds!

But, most of it isn't. And, it's one thing to receive advice from family or friends or coworkers, but I really wasn't prepared for the open advice I would get from complete strangers. COMPLETE, NAMELESS STRANGERS.

All I asked the Whataburger cashier for was a Whataburger and fries to share with my husband. Which I finally got, but only after having to nod my head and smile for 10 minutes as she shared her wisdom with me.

Like, to buy a girdle to keep all my junk in. Junk? I didn't think my junk was hanging out all that much.

Or to bathe in Epsom salt to relax. This made the most sense at the time.

But my absolute favorite was her suggestion to buy Carnation evaporated milk as formula because, as she put it, "my son grew up on that." Well, overly friendly Whataburger cashier, I think I'll stick with what my doctor tells me to do. And so far, the words Carnation, evaporated and milk have not come out of his mouth.

And, I don't expect them to.

233 words.

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