Thursday, November 25, 2010


My husband has FOMO. My brother-in-law has FOMO. My nephew has FOMO.

Most of the men in my life have FOMO.

Why? Because boys never grow up, and they always have this Fear Of Missing Out.

This was apparent to me once again this past weekend when the Aggies BTHO Nebraska. At Kyle Field. With a record crowd. It was awesome to say the least.

We were only able to be a part of the game from afar, listening to it on the radio.

And when the final seconds ticked away, a sea of maroon took the field, joined arms and yelled the Aggie War Hymn.

And Brady looks at me and says, "Back in my day, students didn't rush the field."

And I say, "I know babe, but times have changed. And at least we did it respectfully."

Then Brady makes an old man gruff.

And then Ray's cell phone rings. And it's Collin, his baby brother, yelling to him from Kyle Field.

"We're on the field! This is so awesome!"

And Brady doesn't skip a beat before saying, "Man, if I was with Collin, I'd so be on the field right now."

Hypocrite? Maybe. FOMO? Most definitely. Die-hard former student? Would an Aggie be anything else?

Happy Turkey Day. And BTHO tu!

214 words.

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