Thursday, March 17, 2011

What the heck is a scoon?

Just ask Brady. He invented it. The word I mean. Not a scoon.

Last week we were driving home late from College Station.

A few miles before our turnoff on Hwy 46, we both notice this semi-large animal dragging another dead animal off the road.

"Holy cow! Did you see that?" I asked him. "That was a big-ass raccoon with an armadillo I think."

"Yeah, I did see that," Brady responded back. "That was one big-ass squirrel!"

"Squirrel? Seriously? You thought it was a squirrel."

"Ah, you know what I meant. That was one large scoon."

"Scoon? Seriously?" as I'm trying to keep my laughter to a minimum at this point.

"Ah, you know what I mean. A stupid raccoon. I'm tired. I'm ready to be home."

And that's how Brady added a new word to the English vocabulary.

I like to define a scoon as a rodent of medium size that is a cross between a squirrel and raccoon. Except that Brady and I can't agree if a scoon has the head of a raccoon and the body of a squirrel or vice versa.

So, I used my awesome Photoshop skills to create two scoons. And everyone better agree with me because I hate losing to Brady almost as much as he hates losing to me.

Scoon #1
Scoon #2
217 words.


  1. I'm all for #1 as well! It's cuter...if a scoon can be cute! ;)

  2. Jake and I voted, and we both agree with scoon #1.