Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My baby looks like what?

Kassidy is three weeks old today. You know I pride myself on always being different, but I'm about to make the most cliche comment ever.

Time really does fly by. They weren't lying to me.

And, in three short weeks, I've been told that Kassidy looks like me. Then she morphs into Brady. Then she resembles Teagan. And, my new favorite — she looks just like my sister.

So, I thought I'd put together some baby pictures and have you tell me who you think she actually looks like. There is no wrong answer here guys. I just need help figuring out who gets the bragging rights.

So, here are pictures of my baby.

And, here are your three choices for the Kassidy look-a-like contest.

Ready. Set. Guess!

127 words.


  1. #2. i think! this is hard!! i think it's the nose. she's a cutie! hope y'all are doing well! everyone (EVERYONE) says Gray looks just like Jake. I don't get any of the glory!!!

  2. #2 in the cheeks/eyes/nose.

    I like the yellow bow :)

  3. First reaction is baby #2, same reason, because of the nose

  4. Definitely baby #2! Both Kassidy and baby #2 are beautiful!

  5. #2 with #1 as a close second!

  6. EVERY single person that guessed went with Baby #2, which is my lovely little sister! So, looks like even when I finally have my own baby, it takes after Kendra. Come on Kassidy — I'm the one that carried you for 38.5 weeks!