Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Months with Kassidy

Well, I'm two weeks late, but you get the idea. Kassidy turned two months old on Sept. 6, and I'm a bad mother.

So, in order to make sure I actually do a halfway decent job of keeping up with her monthly pictures, I've decided to just go simple. No extra pictures or funny captions. Sorry. I don't see how other moms do it! I have no time in the day, and I haven't even gone back to work yet! Guess I'm just not cool.

But don't worry all you Kassidy followers out there. I'll still try to post separately when she does something funny. Or nasty. Or both.


  1. I LOVE the rosette quilt... did someone make that for you? And, Kassidy makes it look even more beautiful! ;-) She's a cutie!

  2. She's so dang cute.... Like "you want to just pinch her little rolls" cute!

  3. Kristen, my grandma made the quilt for me years ago. And Brianne, I'm kinda partial to chubby babies myself!