Friday, August 27, 2010

Aunt Ninna & Uncle BB

Aunt Ninna takes a ton of pictures. And, to think, this isn't even my kid. I can only imagine what I will put my children through once they are born. Poor kids. Poor camera. And, poor Uncle BB. He hates picture-taking.

But, these pictures represent just how cool Aunt Ninna and Uncle BB really are. I mean, where else do you have a petting zoo at your fingertips? And, where else are you allowed to play in the dirt and run around like a crazy person? Only at our house. Oh, yeah, and don't forget that Pryce's favorite "surprise" is for me to let him eat whipped cream straight out of the can. Oh yes, it's true! There's nothing cuter than an 18-month-old looking up at you with his mouth wide open ready for his whipped cream. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Well, maybe except for Uncle BB and Massey on either side of him waiting for their whipped cream too.

I told you Aunt Ninna and Uncle BB were cool. Pryce told me so. And these pictures prove it.

Pictured above: Cheesin' it for the camera in hopes of tricking me into sharing my ice or popsicle. It always works too. Dang it.

Pictured above: What does Pryce like about the Snook Rodeo? He likes the dirt, the popsicles and the animals — in that order. Who wouldn't?

Pictured above: A goat with her head stuck means easy access for a curious kid.

Pictured above: This is what Pryce does when I ask him to help me feed. He grabs a bucket and fills it with "food" for the mules. Too bad the mules don't think dirt is edible.

Pictured above: Uncle BB took this awesome picture after Pryce tackled me and then ran away. I think he's up to something if you ask me.

Pictured above: When Pryce sees a "Meow Meow" it's all over after that.

Pictured above: Do I look scary to you? Because little goober runs straight to Uncle BB the minute I tell him I'm gonna get him. Ungrateful little whipped cream eater.

168 words.

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