Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Ku-Tip: The anniversary gift

Lazy K Ranch increased by three this past weekend. Brady and I are now the proud owners of two John mules and an orphan calf. Why, you ask? Because when you start running out of anniversary gift ideas, you turn to animals. No, not really. What really happened was that we had wanted some mules or horses that we could actually enjoy riding on our place, and my mom found these guys for us. So we spent last Saturday on the road to East Texas to bring them home.

How did Doodle come to be? Poor Doodle was born May 16, and my parents found her in the jaws of an angry donkey who thought that slinging her around was a fun way to spend his afternoons. They saved her (not so much the donkey) and nursed her back to health. And, since Mom knows that every year Brady and I try to have as many unique characters for our church's petting zoo, we agreed that Doodle should become our new pet.

Pictured above: My mule Smokey "McCoy" Kujawski who looks pretty handsome in orange.

Pictured above: Brady's mule Gibson "Scout" Kujawski. These two go together like peas and carrots.

Pictured above: Two things I've already learned about Smokey. He likes grass and his butt rubbed.

Pictured above: Doodle is the fastest bottle drinker ever. I think her record is less than 2 minutes. She does spill on herself though.

Ku-Tip: So I kinda lied. The mules are our 4th anniversary gift to each other. I even thought about how we could tie these guys to the traditional 4th anniversary gift of fruit or flowers. Are you ready for this? We had to drive through Tyler — the Rose Capital of Texas — to pick them up. Yep, I'm that creative. Don't hate. Just enjoy the mules.

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  1. They are really stinking cute! What breed is Doodle?

  2. Doodle is an Angus/Simbrah cross. She's pretty special to us and we've only had her a week!

  3. Love 'em all, but as a gal raised on/by a ranch complete with a dairy, I have to admit I'm partial to Doodle. When can the kids and I come pet her/them?

    As for tapping into that traditional anniversary gift, I'd say you've got that fruit front more than covered. And I'm safe in doing so, considering it takes one to know one! ;-)