Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Ku-Tip: Why butt dialing is so much cooler than texting

The culprit.
At least to Brady.

Apparently, Brady likes to butt dial people a lot. And, sadly, it's not even me that gets the most calls. It's his poor sister Tiffany. I'm sure by now when she sees a call from her little brother, she knows exactly how to handle the conversation. I imagine it going something like this:

Tiff: "Oh, I'm sorry Brady that you're having such a crappy day."

Tiff: "What! I don't believe you. You're so full of shit."

Tiff: "Well, next time tell that little wife of yours to please leave the seat up."

Okay, that makes me giggle.

Well, Brady took his butt dialing to a whole new level a few days ago when he called his dad — while he was teaching.

So Daniel got to enjoy a few minutes of listening to Brady teach his algebra class. I wonder if he yelled at any students that day?

And, if any of you know Brady, you know he really sucks at keeping up with his friends and family on the phone. In fact, I'm always on his case to call people. Always.

Well, now his butt is on his case too.

Ku-Tip: Butt dialing is way funnier than texting or calling. But if you don't want to participate in this form of communication, have no fear. There's this neat little feature on every phone that locks it so you don't have to worry about buttons being pushed. I'll have to fill Brady in on this little secret.

250 words.

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