Monday, November 7, 2011

4 Months with Kassidy

Miss Kassidy turned four months old yesterday, and my poor little girl has spent the last few days recovering from a fever, ear infection and RSV. But her happy and curious spirit helped her get over all this, and fast, because, well, she just wants to play!

I expected her to really hit a growth spurt this past month, but that didn't really happen. She's around 13 pounds now. But what did happen was even better. Her cute and bubbly personality really started to shine through, and she literally keeps us laughing all the time. Even when we're trying to put her to bed. Funny little girl.

In 18 years, she could easily be voted "Most Likely to Talk Your Head Off" or "Class Clown." Either way, I'll be one proud momma.

So check out Kassidy in all her glory and tell me if this doesn't put a smile on your face. Oh, and the camo hat is in honor of the opening weekend of deer season. She may be too young to hunt, but her Daddy and Papaw aren't.


  1. Love her happy little face!! So sweet!

  2. Super cute blanket in her 4 mo pic! Would have been perfect for a baby shower I went to on Saturday.