Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two out of three ain't bad

So, I've really gotten on this baby-headband-making kick. It's fun, fast and cheap. And, while I won't bore you with all the step-by-step directions of my latest creations (because there were literally like two steps for each headband), I will entertain you with beautiful pictures of Kassidy wearing them.

If you want to recreate any of the headbands below, here's what you do. Go to Hobby Lobby. Buy the headbands. Buy the embellishments. Go home. Wait until Kassidy takes a nap. Heat up your hot glue gun and get after it. The end.

And now this completes your introduction to Headband-Making 101.

And no, I did not make the Santa hat. This was Ruger's hat, but since Ruger is a hyper puppy with teeth, he tried to eat his hat. So Kendra gave it to Kassidy, and since she doesn't have any teeth, she did not try to eat it.

But she did try to blow raspberries on it.

I guess she likes Mommy's headbands better.


  1. The headbands are gorgeous and the puppy santa hat is genius.. I will be stealing that idea because the children's hats are way to big! =)

  2. Kassidy has a very small head, so if a puppy hat fits her, it will fit any kid!