Thursday, April 12, 2012

9 Months with Kassidy

So I'm going to be an extra-nerdy Mom this month and talk about how much of a personality little Miss Kassidy has developed.

Seriously, if Brady and I weren't the simple life kind of couple, this girl would have a shot at every baby commercial out there. But, we're not moving to LA. And my baby is not going to get a big head.

Instead, she will learn to crawl in the grass, pet donkey's noses, screech at goats, let the wind hit her face on a gator ride, cuddle with Massey and give sweet kisses to her Mommy and Daddy.

Besides officially crawling up a storm, pulling up on everything, babbling nonstop, and really becoming familiar with what is around her, she has learned to give us the fishy face (thank you daycare), overcome her first of many baby bruises (thank you plastic chair), connect "mama" and "dada" to her actual Mommy and Daddy, hold conversations with her puppy, and give us all the cutest little high-fives in the world.

Brady and I joke that she will be the kid that grunts when she plays tennis one day, because she can't give a high-five without making this tiny squeal. Distraction on the tennis courts. That's what we're working toward. At a very young age.

So to add to Kassidy's funny farm, her Mimi and Gramps got her two bunnies for Easter that we named Huckle and Lowly. (Great Saturday morning kids cartoon by the way if you're like the Kujawskis and only get four TV channels.) And Kassidy loves to pet (or Lenny) them as we like to call it. This is a reference to Of Mice and Men, so every single one of you better know what I'm talking about. Or else I will shake my head in sadness.

Our dewberries should be ripe in about two weeks, so Kassidy is going to help me pick them and bake a homemade pie. And it looks like there is going to be a Lazy K crawfish boil in the very near future. So if you feel like hanging out in a different zip code, we'd love to have you. And if you're lucky, Kassidy will let you pet her bunny. And give you a high-five. And smile and squeal, cause that's how she rolls.

Oh, and she toots a lot too.


  1. I like this post! And Lazy K crawfish.

  2. Blair, when we set a date, I'll let you know!