Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google Satellite strikes again

It's sad when you can remember the timeline of your life according to what your place looks like on Google Satellite.

Take this picture for instance.

I know that this was taken this past summer, sometime after Kassidy was born, because our goat house had been thrown from its original location by a little twister while I was at the hospital giving birth.

Dang you Google Satellite for taking updated pictures of our place when there was absolutely no grass and no water.

It's the ugliest the poor little Lazy K Ranch has ever looked. Because last time, we were at least green.

Exhibit A: No more lower pond.

Exhibit B: A very low upper pond.

Exhibit C: Our entire place. In the color brown.

Where were we in these pictures? Probably inside, with a new little baby, with the A/C on about 70 degrees.

Hiding from Google Satellite.

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