Wednesday, June 13, 2012

11 Months with Kassidy

The first birthday countdown has already begun. Oh my. Kassidy plans to eat a lot of sweets, play in water, play in sand, play with tissue paper, bags and boxes, and hang out with her buddies. Then she plans to pass out from all the excitement. It should be a good day.

Over the last month, Kassidy has really become the little talker. She always talked a lot to me, but now she really talks a lot. This is where I give the tube surgery credit. Less than 24 hours after the surgery she was babbling and repeating almost every sound we made. And following directions so well. And this has now been the longest we have gone without an ear infection since January.

We taught her to "bawk" like a chicken, "moo" like a cow, and I'm pretty sure she will ask for her "baba" when I tell her I'm going to make it. She says "mama" and "dada" like crazy and definitely knows who we are. We're working on getting her to say "Massey" instead of just letting out an excited shriek when Massey walks into the room. But she likes to shriek so this may be harder than it sounds. A few times she's called her bananas "nana." And then I put in the short Minion movies and let her watch the one about bananas. It's pretty funny.

Brady started Baby Walking Boot Camp once he was out for the summer, and I have to admit, it's actually working. Kassidy likes to walk behind her walker and crash it into Daddy's walker. Destructive, I know. She can actually keep pace now and doesn't just want to fall on her butt first thing to crawl around.

She eats everything! As in, this girl is going to be an expensive date one day. Why? Because she loves her Daddy's steak. Even though the little stinker eats supper before us most nights, she will beg for whatever is on my plate. Usually I have a cute little baby and a cute little puppy staring at me with little sad eyes wanting my supper. So I have to feed them. All while Brady is eating his supper in peace. When I asked him how that happened, he explained to me that my first mistake was actually feeding them. I need to put a sign on both of them that specifically states, "Do not feed the baby and the puppy." I have also been bitten on occasion.

She is obsessed with The Wiggles. O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. Being the awesome parents that we are, Brady and I will break out into random song throughout the day, and Kassidy gets so excited, she bounces up and down, clinches her fist and raises her arms into the air. We think she's thinking, "Oh my goodness. The Wiggles are in my living room!"

We have all watched the tape so much that Brady and I find ourselves humming Wiggle songs while we are getting ready for work, hanging out on the back porch, or cooking supper. You get the idea. We are always embarrassed when we realize this and try to put on some Reckless or Radney to get those dang songs out of our head.

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that Kassidy has officially gone swimming in her muddy pond. And she loves it. Bring on BFE. My little girl is ready. And she actually leaves her sunglasses on outside too.

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