Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to build an awesome sandbox for your kid

It's been on the Kujawskis to-do list for a few months now, but Brady and I have finally gotten around to building Kassidy's sandbox. And I have to admit that it is pretty awesome.

We built it under a large shade tree in what will eventually become our backyard. The entire project took just a few weekends, and we were able to reuse a lot of materials we already had, so it made for a fairly inexpensive project. Total cost was around $65, and the majority of that was the two yards of sand Brady picked up in Franklin. We made it 8' X 8', so Kassidy can share it with plenty of her friends.

She has already shared it with Massey and the kitties. Apparently this is now the coolest place to hang out at the Lazy K. Followed closely by our pond.

Step 1: Pick a spot for your sandbox and till up the ground

Step 2: Use rebar to secure your landscape timbers in the ground

Step 3: Leave about four inches of rebar to secure the top landscape timbers

Step 4: Remove timbers and stain (I used Minwax red mahogany)

Step 5: Cut ends so corners align and place back on rebar

Step 6: Repeat until all eight timbers have been cut, stained and placed on the rebar

Step 7: Consult with the project manager to make sure she approves of the progress

Step 8: Make sure the project manager inspects the sandbox before the final steps

Step 9: Lay down and secure landscape fabric to help control weeds (Brady and I finished staining all the timbers and applied a thick coat of polyurethane in between steps 8 and 9 to add a glossy finish)

Step 10: Make sure the project manager is on sight to oversee operations

Step 11: Add the two yards of sand and spread evenly (Brady and I also caulked in between the two timbers so sand wouldn't escape)

Step 12: All done! Now go find some toys and a baby

The project manager enjoying her cool new sandbox

When she gets excited, she does this. Don't ask

Kassidy's new sandbox with the pond behind her. A very spoiled little girl

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