Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Ku-Tip: The missing egg

In the past few weeks, Brady and I have gone from two chickens (Larry & Gary) to three (added Harry) back down to one (lost Harry and Larry), and just this week, lost our last surviving chicken (Gary). We had Gary and Larry since last fall and they had learned to roost, lay and survive the elements, but when we got our new friend Harry two weeks ago, that's all he lasted. Larry went missing not too long after. We were really bummed about that, especially since Larry and Gary were best friends and had lived in our barn together for almost a year. Poor Larry. And, then on Tuesday of this week, Gary went missing. My mom thinks it's a bobcat. I'm thinking raccoon. Brady thinks stray dogs or cats. Guess we'll never know.

Back to my original reason for this post. We wanted to teach our chickens to lay their eggs in one spot instead of going on an egg hunt each time we went to the barn. So we placed a nesting box in the barn, filled it with hay and laid a fake ceramic egg in the middle. I have not seen that fake egg since.

I like to imagine a poor, dumb chicken snake with a huge, fake egg stuck in its belly. Kinda like in the cartoons I found below:

Ku-Tip: I guess chicken snakes can't regurgitate. I guess chicken snakes don't know the difference between a real and a fake egg either.

249 words.

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  1. How sad that Larry, Gary & Harry are all gone. Are you sure it wasn't Fancy? She sure liked chasing those chickens! And by the way, Massey should be demoted from "Head of Ranch Security" if she can't keep an eye on 3 chickens...
    Hope yall are doing great :)