Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parenting Tips from Dad

I was too young to remember, but I've heard the stories. When Kendra and I were young'uns and Mom needed to run to the office or to town, she did what most parents would do — leave her little baby girls at home with their dad.

And, Dad did what most dads do. He made sure to keep us safe and sound until Mom returned. Since we lived in the country and Dad was always in the shop working on farm equipment, welding or fixing something that was broken, he felt the best way to keep his little girls safe and sound was to lock us in the livestock trailer.

So, there we would be when Mom returned. Dressed in our pink, frilly dresses covered in dirt and poop with huge smiles on our faces — I mean, Dad was smart enough to at least lock us in the trailer with our toys.

Well, Dad must have left an impression on me because a few months ago when I needed to find a safe place to keep Pryce while Mom and I banded some goats, I knew just what to do. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks Dad for the awesome parenting tip!

Pictured above: "Maybe I can bite my way out."

Pictured above: "If I look real cute will you please rescue me?"

Pictured above: "I surrender."

204 words.

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