Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Glorious Water Bottle

If you've ever visited our little ranch in Franklin, you'll soon discover a bountiful supply of water bottles in not one, but both of our refrigerators. And I'm not talking about the new, sealed bottles of water. I'm talking about the reused sport Gatorade bottles that we refill each and every day from our faucet.

Why? Because Brady and I hate getting cups dirty just for a glass of water. And, we're also not very good at keeping ice on hand. And, with two refrigerators full of water bottles, we never run out!

Well, our love affair with water bottles has proven to come in handy time and time again. I guess the fact that we live in BFE and are connected to small town water lines is cause for numerous water outages. Our most recent water outage — last night — and of course we didn't discover it until we both had to get ready for work this morning.

So, in honor of the glorious water bottle that has saved our butts on more than one occasion, I'd like to present my Top 10 Usages for the Water Bottle.

Top 10 Usages for the Water Bottle
  1. Washing your hair (it helps if you have a loving spouse to pour it on your head while you wash; oh, and straight from the refrigerator can give you a brain freeze!)
  2. Brushing your teeth
  3. Washing your face (make sure you pour it in Tupperware first and microwave for a few seconds so you don't freeze to death)
  4. Cooking supper (it just takes longer to boil)
  5. Filling toilet tanks (we all like to flush, don't we?)
  6. Filling the cats' water bowls
  7. Watering my indoor plants
  8. Shaving your legs (this also helps if you have a loving spouse to squeeze the water out while you soap up)
  9. Shaving your face (I recommend microwaving first or else you may hear a few cuss words from your husband's bathroom)
  10. Washing your hands (this proves difficult; my suggestion is to hold the water bottle between your upper chest and squeeze so you can get both hands wet at the same time)

So, there you have it. Why we love our water bottles for 10 reasons other than drinking water. I might also add that our pond has come in handy for obvious reasons as well.

398 words.

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