Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Ku-Tip: If I had only known

If I had only known that I would be pregnant at this very moment, there’s a few things I would not have done.
Are you seeing a pattern here?
  • Bought my awesome pair of skinny jeans. No, they were not on sale and I maybe got three months wear out of them.
  • Mentally prepared to run the Dallas Rock N’ Roll half marathon in March. Not gonna happen. Brady is glad it’s not gonna happen. I think he got me pregnant just so he wouldn’t have to run this race.
  • Promised the in-laws we’d go to Colorado this summer. I’ll be 8 months pregnant. My insurance is only good in BCS. Not going out of the state, let alone the area.
  • Finally discovered my most favorite wine. I’ll see you in nine months.
So, with all that said, there will be a Lazy K Estate Sale coming soon. We will be selling all of our goodies for double what we paid for them. I’m just joking. Triple.

Ku-Tip: Apparently babies are expensive. But don't tell that to our ranch, because if we don't buy things for it, it gets its feelings hurt. 

243 words.


  1. I hear ya! I'm very Type A, so I made a list of diapers and compared them by store. I don't think I'm ready for how much just ONE diaper costs! ;-) BUT, we're going to be mommies, and there's nothing better than that in the whole world! =) Hope the pregnancy is going well!!!

  2. I wanna buy the Doodle for $75 DLVD Abilene.

  3. Oh yes... our little surprise baby had the same effect around the Langdon household! But it's totally worth it. (P.S. What's the favorite wine? Maybe I can enjoy it for you and you can live vicariously through me for the next 9 months!)

  4. Sorry Tracy, Doodle is only for sale for $1 million dollars. :)

    And Brianne, you'll probably make fun of my wine selection, but it's the D Asti Moscato...yes, I'm a wine wuss, but I don't care!