Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1 Month with Kassidy

On August 6, the same day as her Uncle Dustin's birthday, Kassidy turned 1 month old. And according to her daddy, she could be buttered because of those rolls on her legs. Ha.

And why spend money on those onesie stickers when mommy can use Photoshop for free. Yep. I. love. Photoshop.

Nevermind. I forgot I had to buy Photoshop. Oh well, it's worth the investment.

Anyway, in order to capture Miss Kassidy's first month, I thought I'd use photos to tell the story of her loves, her likes and her dislikes. Here goes nothing.

Kassidy loves...

Sleeping, especially with her Daddy
Baths. And looking like a duck in her towel
Being held like a football. It puts her to sleep. Did I mention she likes to sleep?
Her Mommy. See, her outfit says so
Her Jerry. Thank you Aunt Kendra for her giraffe.
She puts choke holds on him
Being a big girl. Quit holding your head up Kassidy
like a 3 month old and trying to grow up way too fast
Her mat. And putting a choke hold on her rings too.
And then she cries when she gets bored
Smiling! Apparently Mommy and Daddy are funny,
but we already knew that

Kassidy tolerates...

Her puppy, especially when Massey licks the back of her head
Getting dressed up. She prefers onesies.
I guess she's a minimalist
Daddy doing funny things to her when she falls asleep.
One word — Karma

Kassidy doesn't give a damn about...

Birthdays. Not because she doesn't care her Daddy turned 28,
but because she is too young to enjoy the cake

Kassidy hates...

Headbands. They. Don't. Stay. On.
Outfits that don't fit. Notice her straps.
And headbands. Did I say headbands?

And I should also mention that she loves being outside. And riding in her Bob. And being licked by all her animals. But I have no pictures of her outside because it's too damn hot.

Kassidy just had to be born during one of the hottest summers on record. But that's okay because do you know what that means? Pool parties. Well, in our case, dirty pond parties.


  1. She's so precious Jenna I can't believe how much she has grown. The one with her holding her head up is awesome!!

  2. Love this post! Loves/hates was a great way to show her first month!

  3. Super cute, Jenna! Kassidy is adorable!

  4. I can't wait to celebrate her first birthday at a dirty pond party!!!!!!!!!!