Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In Texas there is no grass

No grass!
That's why I freed my ass.
And when I walk out my front door.
My animals are begging for more.

If you think I"m crazy and have no idea what tune these words should be sung to, watch this video here.

And I'm ashamed you don't like polka.

But then you'll get it. And maybe even chuckle.

Asses in the front yard

Woke up, opened the front door,
let Massey out, and saw this

No more fish in the lower pond. Well, no more lower pond

I hope you like the color brown

Absolutely no more grass

At least Massey still has her upper pond.
It's only gained 20 feet of shoreline

59 words.


  1. Poor Donkey's they need some grass and rain. Wow that pond is dried up, oh and I loved the video, hilarious!

  2. May that disturbance in the Gulf come our way and give us all some cool weather and pond/tank filling rain...

  3. TMI! I don't want to see your asses hanging out when I drive by!!

  4. btw. when i was in 4th grade, my friend and I did a report on Germany and we sang that song in class :) HA.

  5. At least grass can grow back. We are now starting to lose some 30+ year old oak trees. Trees like that don't come back. And, Tracy, quit denying that you like my ass(es).